Violent Crimes

Violent Crime Lawyer in Yuba City, CA

Assault and Battery

Our society does not tolerate violent behavior, and the California criminal justice system does everything in its power to punish offenders. Everyone in our country is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but unfortunately if you have been charged with a violent crime, you may have difficulty defending yourself when confronted with the strong negative stigma of the allegations. When you come to the offices of Attorney Sarbdeep Atwal, I will speak with you in detail about the circumstances of the alleged crime, because defending this type of case depends heavily on the details of the incident.

For example, if you are charged with assault, the outcome of the case depends on clearly establishing exactly what occurred at the scene of the crime. Assault involves willfully acting in a way that is likely to result in harming another person, where such an act could realistically be carried out. If you can prove that the action was unintentional or that even if you did threaten violence you weren't factually capable of doing anything, you may be able to have the charge dropped. It is similarly vital to get the facts regarding an alleged case of battery, domestic violence, manslaughter, murder or rape. Some cases are based on false accusations, others depend on faulty evidence, and others simply can't be proven.

Penalties for Violent Crimes

As soon as you have been charged with any type of violent crime, you should seek the help of a Yuba City attorney who will aggressively defend your rights. Most offenses of this nature are felonies, and you will be sent to prison, followed by a lengthy probation if you are found guilty. The penalty can be enhanced if you are accused of committing the crime while carrying a deadly weapon or if it is alleged to be a gang crime. Under California's Three Strikes law, a repeat offense for a violent crime will expose you to increasingly harsh penalties. My criminal defense firm will take special payment plans in some cases, so you should not hesitate to seek my help.

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