Theft Crimes

Yuba City Theft Crime Lawyer

Theft crimes can have an especially damaging effect on your reputation, and it is vital for you to take swift action after your arrest to prevent a guilty verdict. If you are convicted for any form of theft, you may be given a harsh sentence that will disrupt every area of your life. Worse, you will probably find that it is exceedingly difficult to get hired by a potential employer who knows that you have previously been convicted of theft. As a skilled Yuba City attorney I understand how important it is for your future to effectively resolve this case, by having the charges you face reduced or dropped.

California recognizes two different kinds of theft. Petty theft is the charge when the stolen goods are valued at less than $1,000, and grand theft applies to more valuable items. Most shoplifting cases will be charged as petty theft, as well as less serious forms of embezzlement and larceny, and the penalty is up to 6 months in jail. A grand theft conviction can send you to prison for up to a year. Robbery involves forcibly stealing property from the victim, and it can be accomplished through threats as well as actual physical force. Burglary is breaking into another person's home with the intent of committing a felony. Robbery and burglary are both felony theft offenses, and they are often charged along with a violent crime.

Fighting Charges of Theft in Yuba City

When you have been charged with any type of theft, you should avoid speaking about your case with anyone, especially investigators and prosecutors. It can be difficult to defend this type of case, and it is crucial that you avoid making incriminating statements. Speak with me first. I can advise you of your rights and help you find a strategy for fighting the charges.

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