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It is easy to underestimate the importance of fighting a criminal charge of any type. You can't afford to risk being convicted and living with a criminal record. Even a plea bargain that keeps you out of jail will still mean that every time you are asked to pass a background check in the future, for employment, credit or housing, you will have a mark against you. No matter how bad the case may look, you should come to Attorney Sarbdeep Atwal for help. Careful investigation of your case may reveal a way to defeat the charges and you need an aggressive Yuba City lawyer at this critical time in your life.

Areas of Practice


If you have been arrested for drinking and driving in Yuba City, you are about to find out how seriously the State of California takes this type of case. Unless you take action now, your driver's license will be suspended, you can be sent to jail, and you will be forced to pay steep fines. Even when you get your license back, you may be required to install an ignition interlock system and pay significantly higher insurance rates.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are widespread in our community and the consequences of being caught in the criminal justice system on a drug charge can be very severe. If you have been charged with possession, cultivation of marijuana, manufacturing methamphetamines, sales or distribution, you need to get the help of an attorney who knows how to defend your case.

Theft Crimes

Theft is one of the most frequently cited offenses in Yuba City, and the courts will typically deliver the maximum punishment for a guilty verdict. There are several factors that will determine the final outcome in a case of robbery, burglary, larceny, embezzlement or shoplifting. The sentence in your case will depend also on whether you are accused of petty theft or grand theft.

Violent Crimes

Due to the violent nature of the crime, offenses such as assault, battery, rape and murder will expose you to heavy censure in the community as well as vigorous prosecution by the criminal justice system. It is vital to protect your reputation against a charge of this type, as well as keeping yourself out of state prison.

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  • Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon
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  • Driving on Suspended License

    Driving on Suspended License, Result - Charges Dismissed

  • Domestic Violence/GBI on Spouse