DUI Attorney Serving Yuba City

DUI Penalties and Defenses

Driving under the influence is an extremely dangerous behavior that not only puts the driver and passengers at risk of serious injury or death, but also endangers anyone else unfortunate enough to be sharing the road. With this in mind, the police and the courts in Yuba City will act fast to punish you if you are found guilty of DUI. A first time DUI conviction can send you to county jail for up to 6 months and cost you as much as $1,000 in fines. You will spend as long as 9 months attending alcohol classes at your own expense, and you may lose your driver's license for up to 6 months. The penalties will be increased with aggravating factors such as a high blood alcohol content (BAC), evidence that you were responsible for an accident that caused injuries or if this is your second, third or fourth DUI arrest.

Beyond the immediate criminal penalties of a DUI arrest, you also have to face the fact that when you get your license back, in some cases you may have to pay for the installation of an ignition interlock device. This equipment will force you to give a breath sample every single time you need to start your car. You will also have to pay for expensive SR-22 auto insurance, because you will be classified as a high-risk driver. Being arrested for DUI could change every aspect of your life, from your work to your social relationships and it could have a major impact on your family. You need to get the help of a Yuba City attorney who knows how to fight the charges you face.

Fighting DUI Charges in Yuba City

There are several ways to effectively combat a charge of driving under the influence, but each of them depends on you getting started as soon as possible. You can come to Attorney Sarbdeep Atwal for skilled and aggressive criminal defense representation. If you were the victim of an unlawful police stop, the court might throw out your case on the grounds that your constitutional rights were violated in the arrest. There could also be errors with the field sobriety tests or the breath and blood tests that were used in your case. Even if there is positive evidence against you, I will investigate the case to find the most effective way to defend you against a negative outcome.

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