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Sarb was a very good lawyer and very helpful in getting my license back. He always answers his phone and return phone call as soon as possible. he is never late and dies exactly what he says or is asked of.

I was looking for a lawyer to help me out with a personal matter and I didn't know where to go. Sarb Atwal was introduced to me by a old friend. He has been everything I was looking for and more. My personal matter was taken care of in no time at all. Very personable and professional individual.

-K. Gill

Sarb, when I had nowhere to turn you were there to help me with all my legal issues. Your expertise and understanding has brought so much to me! I would recommend your talents and services to all! My life is better because of you.....

-J. Goode

When i got arrested for an alleged DUI, as a mother of two, i felt like my world was going to end. i was ashamed, scared, and angry at myself for letting something so stupid happen that was so out of character for me. Thank God my friend referred me to Sarbdeep Atwal as my DUI lawyer. Sarbdeep not only met my DUI with compassion and understanding, but also with a professional determination to represent me for the person I really am. Sarbdeep handled every detail of my DUI including the DMV leading up to my court date at which point we were given a " wet and wreckless" instead of the full conviction of DUI. I highly reccomend Sarbdeep Atwal to anyone looking for top notch legal help. you wont be disappointed!

Hello Sarb!

Thank you for your legal assistance! You are very professional and helpful. I appreciate all that you have done for us! Not only are you professional but very personable.

Thank you again,

-D. Griffin

When I made the mistake of receiving my DUI there were a thousand questions I had. Questions about fines, laws, what my options would be in court and what was to come. After being harassed by many other attorneys and being given the run around and incorrect information countless times, I found Sarbdeep Atwal. Not only did he spend hours upon hours working with me over the phone, but he took the time to answer every single question I had in detail, and most importantly provided me the console that I needed to get through that difficult situation. Most attorneys will take your money and do little for you individually because of their numerous clients, Sarbdeep however differs greatly from this cliche. He truly took the time to make sure I understood every single aspect about my case, no matter how many questions or concerns I had, no matter what time of the day or night it was. I highly recommend Sarbdeep Atwal to anyone in need of legal representation. He has my business for life.

-J. Dhaliwal

Sarb Atwal helped me get through my DUI case. He was very informative from the beginning and made me feel very comfortable knowing my case was in his hands. He kept me up to date on everything that was going on with my case at all times.

Sincerely, Tom

Having Legal Matters? Need quick and easy answers? Feeling like there is no way out? Contact Attorney Sarbdeep Atwal He helped me when I had this problem. It does not matter if you live Out of town. I was charged with a DUI and felt stranded and needed to keep my job and was afraid of losing my my drivers license! !!! Call on Sarb Atwal to help you with your DEEP CONCERNS! Its not as hard as you think! Finding the right attorney is the key! Just call !!!!

Sincerely, Penny

I was arrested for a Domesitc Violence case and contacted Sarbdeep. I had seen him in court when he was there for a different case. There was something about his presence and the way he interacted with the court that made me approach him. He has helped me out tremendously and got my charges dropped at pretrial.

Thank You, Antonio

Sarbdeep was very helpful. I was sitting outside of court in Manteca and noticed him walk by and I asked him If he could help me out. Without a doubt he was very caring and listened to my problem. He offered to take my case without a fee because he said he had not invested much in it. I felt that he should be compensated for his efforts and i did compensate him. Fortunately he managed to get the best deal possible,The Judge dropped my case! He was my Angel! Thank you Sarbdeep.

Sarbdeep Atwal helped me with my DUI. I was facing 3 months of jail as a result of my prior DUI and probabtion violations and he got me a great deal. 

Thank you, Ron.

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